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Tech Vision 2021: Leaders Wanted

The world is hungry for a new kind of leadership. Amid the challenges of 2020, two truths became evident. More companies than ever have embraced the axiom that every business is a technology business, and they’ve also ignited a new era of exponential transformation as technology continuously reshapes industries and the human experience.
Now, as we begin shaping our post-pandemic reality, companies must learn to master change. Accenture explains how, with the help of their five technology trends:
1. Stack Strategically - architecting a better future: 77 percent of executives state that their technology architecture is becoming critical to the overall success of their organisation.
2. Mirrored World - the power of massive, intelligent, digital twins: only 11 percent of executives estimate that 100 percent of the data provided through the IoT devices and/or sensors in their organisation is fully utilised. 
3. I, Technologist - the democratisation of technology: natural language processing, low-code platforms, robotic process automation and more are democratising technology – putting powerful capabilities into the hands of people all across the business. 
4. Anywhere, Everywhere - bring your own environment: 87 percent of executives believe the remote workforce opens up the market for difficult-to-find talent and expands the competition for that talent. 
5. From Me to We - a multiparty system's path through chaos: the global disruption of COVID-19 ignited a scramble for enterprises to reimagine their partnerships.

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