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Modernising Cybersecurity to Empower Growth

For most companies, cybersecurity has not kept pace with their other transformation efforts. In a digital ecosystem, cybersecurity must leverage the best of what technologies like cloud, artificial intelligence and analytics can deliver to fend off the worst that cybercriminals will attempt. Tata Consultancy Services explain how. 
Key takeaways include:
  • Many cybersecurity practices are focused on ensuring compliance rather than mitigating risk; they still operate from a basic philosophy of ‘trust but verify’. A more resilient model begins with the premise of ‘never trust, always verify’.
  • Zero-trust cybersecurity, adaptable to emerging threats and changing access needs, can detect threats in real time and take immediate action to protect an enterprise’s data, devices and operations in ways reused passwords and VPNs no longer can.
  • The best cybersecurity solutions today are services, not just software, and can address an evolving threat profile and support the fast-moving innovation agenda of purpose-driven businesses.

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Amit Kapur
Head of UK & Ireland
Tata Consultancy Services

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