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London Tech & Consumer Internet IPOs

This report by London Stock Exchange finds that the momentum behind London tech IPOs is gathering speed with 40 percent of IPO proceeds in 2020 being raised by tech and consumer internet companies, including Europe’s largest-ever eCommerce IPO and one of the world’s biggest cross-border IPOs of 2020. 

Key findings include:
  • 44 tech IPOs in London have raised £7.6bn over the past five years (41 percent of this amount in 2020)
  • Two of the top five transactions in London in 2020 were tech companies, including the largest IPO (THG) and the largest further offer (Aveva)
  • 30 percent of UK tech companies are owned by North American shareholders – 11 percent of UK tech companies by European shareholders
  • In 2020, £51.2bn across 635 deals was raised in London through IPOs and further offers (FOs)
  • 38 percent of the companies on London Stock Exchange are foreign issuers

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