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Growth: It Comes Down to Experience

These days, experience is everything. This is because the structure of almost everything we do – how and what people buy, how and where they work, and how they interact with others – has been upended by the world events of 2020.

In this report, Accenture looks at moving beyond CX to the Business of Experience (BX). 
An evolution from CX: 
BX is a more holistic approach that allows organisations to become customer-obsessed and reignite growth. Whereas CX was limited to the Chief Marketing Officer’s (CMO) or Chief Operating Officer’s (COO) remit, BX sits in the boardroom and is a CEO priority because it ties back to every aspect of a company’s operations. 

It’s not just the CEO either: in Accenture's research, 56 percent of COOs, 53 percent of Chief Strategy Officers (CSOs) and 51 percent of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) also said their company will fundamentally change the way it engages and interacts with its customers. 
Here are four ways to achieve BX:
  1. Obsess about customer needs and use that as your compass
  2. Make experience innovation an everyday habit
  3. Expand the experience remit across your organisation 
  4. Sync the tech, data and human agenda

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Mark Curtis
Head of Innovation and Thought Leadership, Accenture Interactive

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