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Rebalancing Strategy and Tactics

Moving into a more positive 2022, organisations must adopt future-focused strategies. Community Members tell Dylan Totton how leaders can do this by embracing new opportunities and creating effective, collaborative leadership teams.

Featuring commentary from:

Matthew Blagg, CEO, Criticaleye: Resilient CEOs think about the structure of their team so that they don’t get bogged down in the day-to-day detail and tactical activities.
John Farrugia, Managing Partner & Head of Technology, finnCap Cavendish, finnCap: With the vaccine rollout and lockdown restrictions coming to an end, economic growth has been boosted.
Serena Lang, Non-executive Chair, Eleco plc: A good Chair is there as a mentor and a sounding board for the CEO, because anyone who's been a Chief Exec will know it can be a very lonely place.
Jim Lightfoot, President and CEO, Intergen: When you're continually driven into the details, as opposed to thinking more strategically, there's a point you reach where people run out of energy.
Mike Tye, Chair, The Big Table Group & Board Mentor, Criticaleye: Right now, the risk of burnout is extraordinarily high. I think it is incumbent on the Chair to be asking all of the senior team: What’s the temperature? What are you finding? How do we help people get through this?
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