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Episode 9 of our "Leadership with New Horizons" Podcast Series

We're really pleased to kick off our podcasts for 2022 with a new episode of our Leadership With New Horizons series. In this, our CEO, Matthew Blagg, and Director of Content, Marc Barber, analyse some of the findings from our recent CEO Research and take a look at what’s to come in the year ahead.

Some of the key discussion points include:

  • Forward trends for 2022, and how leaders need to be bold, brave and have followership in the year ahead
  • The focus on productivity, and need for a clear, simplified strategy  
  • The workforce this year, and the need for leaders to motivate and optimise as pressure continues
  • The investor landscape and how integrity of story and alignment of resources will be key
  • Opportunities over the next 12-months, and why longer-term planning needs to be a priority in the leadership team

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