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Putting Sustainability at the Heart of Strategy

Well-informed stakeholders are demanding more from businesses when it comes to sustainability. Leaders share the challenges and opportunities in this space, with Anisha Tansley.

Featuring commentary from:

Matthew Blagg, CEO, Criticaleye: Leaders must not underestimate how fast the tide of stakeholder pressure on sustainability is coming in.

Marc Engel, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Unilever: You need to find the sweet spot between performance, functionality, convenience and doing good for the planet. 

Sharon Flood, Non-executive Director, Pets at Home: I really support what has been done in terms of awareness raising, but we need to move into solutions mode.

Danuta Gray, Non-executive Chair, Direct Line Group: There is a piece around how Boards work together with Chief Executives to help ‘simplify the complex’ for the organisation.

Peter Lacy, Chief Responsibility Officer and Global Sustainability Services Lead, Accenture: What made you successful before will not make you successful in the next decade.

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Anisha Tansley
Content Executive

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