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WHAT... and HOW?

Criticaleye provides a leadership development framework so executives and their teams can outperform.

Utilising the phenomenal expertise and experience within our Community, we help leaders achieve alignment, break down silos and build trust at the most senior level of the organisation.

Individual development draws upon Board Mentors, Pop-up Boards, Peer to Peer Connections, Leadership Content and Events. This is intertwined with a variety of team-based solutions designed to improve capabilities by supporting and challenging the executive team, such as our high impact 24-hour Retreats. Our bespoke approach helps Criticaleye Members achieve their goals through clearly agreed, structured outcomes.

We deliver this by creating an experiential learning environment that leverages the knowledge and expertise of our international leadership Community, providing crucial reference points and sharpening the capabilities of individuals.

Our team development programmes and other membership services, rely on three key relationships: a Programme Director, Board Mentor and Relationship Manager. Together, they ensure our support is aligned to you and your organisation’s specific needs and objectives to maximise business performance. Read More

Your ability to influence and positively impact your team, board, organisation and the wider business world is inherently linked to how skilfully you blend your individual and team development with the strategic direction of your organisation. Our mix of Pop-up Boards, Peer to Peer Connections and Criticaleye Retreats are there to support you on that journey. Read More

Being armed with the right information from the most trusted sources – your peers – is priceless. So whether you are learning from our rich editorial archives of leading insight, exploring a range of subjects in-person, or connecting with a leading expert, we have a learning platform to suit everyone. Read More

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