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Here at Criticaleye, we understand your challenges and we know that every good leader strives to achieve better performance.

Leadership collaboration

86% of CEOs say they are facing business model disruption (CEO Retreat Research 2018)

92% of CFOs say that external mentoring improves the performance of senior executives (CFO Retreat Research 2017)

80% of PE-backed leaders confirm that management capability is intrinsic to exit valuation (PE & AIM Retreat Research 2018)

80% of HRDs believe the behaviour of executives reinforces silos within a business (HRD Retreat Research 2018)

Understanding mentor value

53% of leaders in Asia say they feel isolated in their role (Asia Retreat Research 2018)

38% of CEOs go six months or more without discussing business strategy with their team (CEO Retreat Research 2018)

Almost a quarter (23%) of CFOs think the Chair does not add value in terms of supporting the executive team (CFO Retreat Research 2017)

Only 10% of HRDs are fully confident their executive team has the ability to execute on the medium to long-term strategy (HRD Retreat Research 2018)

Are leadership teams too inward-looking

Just over one-fifth (23%) are fully confident the executive team can deliver on strategy (CEO Retreat Research 2018)

48% of PE-backed management teams become focused on short-term goals because they are tactical rather than strategic (PE & AIM Retreat Research 2018)

93% of Chairs and non-executives say their management team is too inward-looking (NED Retreat Research 2017)

Over a third (36%) of PE-backed leaders do not invest in leadership development (PE & AIM Retreat Research 2018)

Delivering shareholder value as a NED

96% of CFOs say the management team is too inward-looking and focused on the day-to-day (CFO Retreat Research 2017)

Seeking inspiration and fresh thinking is the number one area where CEOs wanted to improve (CEO Retreat Research 2018)

70% of HRDs believe business performance enhanced if executives have access to reference points outside their organisation and sector (HRD Retreat Research 2018)

20% of senior executives in Asia say their organisation does not have a clear and effective regional strategy for growth (Asia Retreat Research 2018)

PE and leadership development

38% of PE-backed management teams don’t have an HR Director despite saying that talent and developing skills are top priorities (PE & AIM Retreat Research 2018)

84% of CFOs believe they need to strengthen the leadership capability of the finance function (CFO Retreat Research 2017)

More than one in five HRDs (21%) say the Chair does not add value in terms of supporting the goals and objectives of the executive team (HRD Retreat Research 2018)

Almost a third (29%) of Chairs plan to replace their CEO in the next 12-18 months (NED Retreat Research 2017)