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How to Build a Great Board

Criticaleye finds out how a Chair sets about creating a board that supports the leadership team, manages risk and understands the demands of multiple stakeholders 

Featuring Comments From: 

John Allkins, NED, Renold Group:

"A good board will be able to think in the long term."

Alison Bennett, Senior Relationship Manager, Criticaleye:

"Diversity of thinking is crucial for boards that are grappling with disruption to their business models." 

Tim Kemp, Director, Warren Partners:

"Boards are becoming much more cognisant of the fact that they need to bring in people with a different perspective ."

Vanda Murray, Chair, Fenner:

"It is the job of the Chair to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to discuss anything that concerns them."

Mark Winlow, Chair, Personal Group:

"You want a board where all the participants are able to have down-to-earth discussions, be that as a group or one-to-one."

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