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Strategy and Performance

The brightest minds won’t make a business successful without honesty and alignment. At Criticaleye’s CFO Retreat 2018, Emma Carroll spoke to attendees to find out how to build a top team that is focused on strategy, performance and also has a strong appreciation of governance.

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Great executives can disagree, and must make time for those difficult conversations behind closed doors, but they need to come out aligned.
You want to see whether your actions, executions and tactics are on strategy. I think that’s one of the main responsibilities of the Board.
The relationship between the CEO and CFO is the cornerstone of the business. You need trust and also challenge.
The absolute key is that there is nothing between [myself and the CEO] when it comes to discussing our views on the business.
It’s about saying to your team: ‘Even if you’re not in a commercial finance role, I expect you to be spending time in the business and talking about the business.'

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Emma Carroll
Managing Editor

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