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Influencing the Board as CFO

Even seasoned CFOs can struggle when it comes to influencing decision-making in the boardroom. Criticaleye explores how the best execs are making their presence felt way beyond the finance function.
Featuring Commentary From:
"A new CFO can come in and look at things... very differently and that can really change the debate around the boardroom table."
Aoife Forde, Relationship Manager, Critialeye
"When you step into a new role as CFO you need to spend time getting to understand the business, but you also need to get out and meet the non-execs."
Mark Silver, Chair, Cordic
"As CFO you need a degree of independence from the CEO. You are absolutely seen as the conscience of the organisation."
Leslie Van de Walle, Chair, Euromoney
"The worst thing is a falling number that keeps falling – if you keep missing your forecasts then you lose all credibility."
Phil Smith, Chair, IQE
"I think it’s easy to characterise a CFO as a number counter. I don’t think that’s the right way to do it."
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Emma Carroll
Senior Editor

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