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The Customer Experience 3%

As long as your customer experience is better than that of your competitors by three percent at any key touch point or moment of truth, that should be enough to give you a more dominant market share. This insight from Capita Consulting sees the market through the lens of this simple rule.

Globally, retail is moving at an extreme pace. We are in a marketplace where changes come very rapidly and are highly disruptive. Many players in the market tend to want to do something radical in order to be totally different from their competitors.

Key points include:
  • The top CX players are spending no more than three percent of their effort to create differences in areas that really matter within the user journey
  • You need to understand your sectors and subsectors and the ‘culture’ of your market to determine the three percents that are achievable
  • Experience flow allows an organisation to continuously test new experiences with their audiences

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Fabian Wong
Chief Creative Officer
Capita Consulting

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Fabian Wong
Chief Creative Officer
Capita Consulting

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