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What COVID taught us about exponential diversity

Long before COVID-19, we had known and accepted that diversity is a crucial element to success. Mountains of research have proven the value of diversity at every level, from the individual to the team to the corporation. This insight by Capita, explores how exponential diversity can lead to better products, services and being better citizens.
Chantal Free, Chief Executive Officer for People Solutions at Capita, explains how more diverse teams are more likely to produce products with exponential growth potential. Companies with higher levels of diversity are more likely to return higher profits. Even at the leadership levels, female-led companies are both steadier and more profitable over time.
Other key areas of discussion include:
  • Embracing exponential diversity
  • A better model for diversity
  • After COVID-19: exponential diversity, resilience and growth

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Chantal Free
Executive Officer, People Solutions
Capita Plc

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