Work, Workforce, Workers: Reinvented in the Age of Generative AI

Achieving Gen AI’s full potential hinges not just on a strong data foundation but also on leaders’ willingness to lead and learn differently. In this report, Criticaleye Advisory Partner, Accenture, looks at how Gen AI’s impact on value chains will fundamentally transform the nature of work.

Key takeaways include:
  • If organisations adopt and scale generative AI throughout all functions in their business, more than $10.3 trillion in additional economic value can be unlocked by 2038.
  • Despite 94 percent of respondents saying they are ready to learn new skills to work with generative AI, only 5 percent of organisations are actively reskilling their workforce at scale.
  • Employees surveyed highlighted that their biggest concern is trusting their organisation to ensure positive outcomes for all. Further findings found that: 60 percent of employees worry that gen AI may increase stress and burnout, 58 percent feel insecure about their job and 57 percent need clarity on what this technology means for their careers.

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