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Combine and Conquer

Only 13 percent of companies say they are getting greater efficiency and growth from their investment in digital technology. This report from Accenture explains how they can maximise the return.

Key points include:
- An explanation of how combining five digital technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, augmented and virtual reality, big data, machine learning and mobile computing into your business can help companies to achieve large savings.
- The report makes clear that creating value with digital technology isn’t just a simple game of mixing and matching digital technology. Companies also need to completely reinvent their operating models and value chains, becoming what Accenture calls Industry X.0 businesses.
- This includes making almost every component of production self-monitoring, data-generating. It also involves building end-to-end communications and data sharing among systems and machines in real time. 
- The report offers an explanation of how Industry X.0 businesses can create relevant and valuable user experiences over time, by building digital architectures that enable adaptive interactions between machines, customers and workforce.


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