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Multi-Speed Thinking in the Boardroom

In the face of ongoing disruption, organisations must be very clear about their purpose and make time to revisit their business model. At Criticaleye’s CEO Retreat 2019, Marc Barber spoke to attendees about carrying out a strategic pivot.

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Rachel Barton, MD, Customer Insight & Growth Strategy, UK, EALA Lead, Accenture Strategy:

Business leaders are under incredible pressure to do two things at once: one is to keep a lump-sum and drive the core business, and the other is to invest and create innovation.

Ruth Cairnie, SID, Associated British Foods:

The execution has to clearly feed through into the long-term strategy so that it is possible to pause and see whether or not you are on track.

Doris Honold, Group COO, Standard Chartered:

While it’s easy to agree on some of the big strategic headlines, my focus and engagement was on the detailed execution plan.

Michael Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, E.ON UK:

Leading the energy transition is about taking a position and not just driving a commercial outcome… but also changing something fundamental to lead to a more sustainable future.

Andrew Minton, Managing Director, Criticaleye:

It’s evident that even when the strategic direction is agreed at Board level, it remains a challenge to find executives with the right blend of skills to execute it successfully.

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Marc Barber
Managing Editor

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