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Reworking the Revolution

This report by Accenture estimates that AI could boost revenues by 38 percent in the next five years and generate higher levels of profitability and employment. To succeed, leaders must redefine the roles of people, shift their workforces to new business models and scale up ‘new skilling’ to harness intelligent technologies.
Key points include:
  • 74 percent of executives say they plan to use AI to automate tasks to a large or a very large extent in the next three years. But 97 percent note they intend to use AI to enhance worker capabilities
  • In an experiment involving identifying cancerous biopsies, pathologists beat the machines with 96 percent accuracy versus 92 percent. But the biggest surprise came when humans and AI combined forces. Together, they accurately identified 99.5 percent
  • On average, executives deem only 26 percent of their workforce as ready for AI adoption.

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