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Productivity in Uncertain Times

Leaders must take swift action to position their businesses for greater resiliency and productivity in the future. In this report, Accenture sets out three critical steps to establish an elastic digital workplace:
  1. Protect and empower your people: Adjust your workplace to enable your people to work remotely through digital collaboration tools. Build the necessary skills around these new ways of working. Start cultivating a digital culture. Construct a workplace of trust.
  2. Serve your customers' core needs: Adapt to changing global and local conditions by serving your customers’ core needs, including being transparent in your operations and compassionate in your engagements—all of which will create deeper, more trusted relationships.
  3. Establish business continuity: Ensure supplier relationships and business-to-business processes are effectively supported. Develop new business processes to adapt to new ways of collaboration and decision-making.

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