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Rapid Response

Supply chains that are able to immediately mobilise their COVID-19 response and take swift, ‘no-regret’ actions will be in a better position post-crisis, with a stronger and more resilient supply chain going forward.
This report by Accenture provides a pragmatic approach to maintaining supply chain resilience in times of uncertainty.
Most supply chains are under-prepared and many companies do not have a business-operations contingency plan for if the outbreak lasts longer than a few weeks. 
This roadmap to navigate supply chain disruption includes guidance on how to: 
1) Mobilise the command centre and initial response plan. Establish operating rules for responses related to all supply chain interventions and contingency management. 
2) Sense and prioritise new risks and implications for your supply chain components, products or services and ecosystem. 
3) Analyse what-if scenarios for each of: source, plan, make, distribute and service elements. 
4) Configure and tailor the network and product flows to execute the protocols. Develop a balanced scorecard to track and measure the effort.

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