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Executive Pay: AGM Insights 2020

This report by EY offers a summary of how companies have responded to COVID-19 from an executive pay perspective and explores what the future may hold for executive pay in the current climate.

Key findings include:
  • Around 45 percent of FTSE 100 organisations have either reduced or have committed to reduce incumbent executive director pension contributions
  • A handful of companies have increased the pension rate available to the wider workforce. 10 percent of salary is the most commonly disclosed workforce rate in the FTSE 100
  • There is a more widespread adoption of ESG metrics, particularly throughout the FTSE 250. However most ESG metrics remain a very small proportion of the total weighting and are most commonly incorporated into annual bonus plans
  • In the FTSE 100 the median pay ratio is 75:1, with a maximum of 2605:1 and a minimum of 17:1. In the FTSE 250 the median pay ratio is 37:1 with a maximum of 229:1 and a minimum of 8:1.

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