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What is the Future for Cyber Security?

COVID-19 has brought huge disruption and change, with the effects of the pandemic expected to be felt both in the short and long term. While some organisations transitioned to remote working seamlessly, many have struggled to adapt.

What the crisis has done has given businesses the opportunity to rethink ways of working – and a major part of that involves technology and cyber security. David Hobbs finds out what options lie ahead.

Including commentary from:

Mark Roberts Partner, Defence & Cyber, Capita Consulting: Do the business as usual but recognise that the situation is different so increase your monitoring. Be extra vigilant and recognise that things have changed and that you need to look out for different things.

Joe Baguley, VP & CTO, VMWare: Most organisations have just gone through an incredibly large proof of concept, and CEOs and senior execs have realised just how important technology is to them. It’s the enabler of how they’ve managed to continue functioning as a business.

Steve Johnson, Security Lead, Surevine: Regulatory requirements still have to catch up, and I think regulators are going to have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that the ‘real world’ is not the ‘ideal world’ anymore.
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David Hobbs
Senior Editor

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