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Sustainability Consensus Gap: Perception is Reality

The bonds between sustainability and financial performance are strengthening. For this relationship to become symbiotic, however, organisations will need to become truly stakeholder-centric. In this research, Criticaleye’s Global Sustainability Forum 2022 Partner, Accenture, explains how business success and competitiveness are dependent on stakeholder alignment and stronger relationships.
Key takeaways include:
  • Just under half (49 percent) of employees believe their senior leaders ‘walk the talk’, when it comes to sustainability.
  • To operate more sustainably and equitably, 71 percent of respondents recognise that it will require a ‘fundamental organisational change’.
  • Companies with stronger positive alignment between executives and employees are financially outperforming those where alignment is weakest.

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Adrian Monck
Managing Director, Head of Communications
World Economic Forum
Peter Lacy
Chief Responsibility Officer and Global Sustainability Services Lead

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